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Ampt Up Step Class

Our Ampt up step class is high intensity class with Hip Hop Music. This class is up best and fun and our instructors are energetic and easy to follow

Thursday Boot and Bandz - “Banz a Make her Dance”

Want to tone and sculpt your Booty? Well this class is the one for you. Great booty, thigh and ab workouts that will have your booty feeling the burn in the first 5 min of class. Equipment needed: Booty Bandz, heavy duty yoga mat and 5-10 pounds weights.

Glow and Step “Mondays we Glow”

Come in with your glow in the dark apparel and come and step with us. This class is in a dark setting with glow in the dark setting and recommended to wear neon colors. Equipment needed Step (steps are provided at the studio)

Other Special Classes

Gospel and Step<br /> Hustle class<br /> Sit & Sweat

Tuesday's Step HIIT

High intensity interval training using a step and weights! This class is great for toning. This class will push you but when it’s done you’ll be happy you came. Equipment needed 5-10 pound weights and step.

Private Lessons

One on one Training $35<br /> One on one 3 day training $100<br /> Small Group Training $25 per person


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Classes are subject to change at anytime. For more information email curvygirlfitnessflint@gmail.com